My name is George Spiteri... I've been part of the photographic game in one form or another for almost 20 years.

You could call me something of a "photo addict". I constantly find myself stopping in the street just to capture the simplest things that most people simply walk straight past. I look a little deeper into things I see than most, and strive to creatively and passionately unleash the aesthetic beauty in every image, even if its not completely obvious at the time of capture.

By the time I completed studies back in '96 I was completely in love with the concept of capturing and freezing a moment in time and watching it come to life in a darkroom.

These days I manage George Spiteri Photography. My darkroom isn't quite as dark, the chemistry has well and truly dried up, and the film has been replaced with a memory card; but when handed a tool, we must learn to embrace it and make the most out of it, or risk being left behind.

Since leaving the photographic retail sector loaded with a world of technical knowledge, it's given me the flexibility to apply it to many fields of photography. Working for local and international sporting associations, commissoned for various types of portraits, capturing countless weddings, commercial work, as well as short films.

I feel blessed to be doing what I'm passionate about. I still get a buzz from seeing a magazine cover with my image or walking into a client's home or office and seeing my work hanging on their wall.

I love the freedom of rarely working in the same location. My work has enabled me to see many different places throughout Africa, Asia and several parts of Europe, as well as meet some truly amazing people along this journey.

Let the journey continue...