"I love them. They are amazing. I was so amazed at how good you made me look!!! My problem now (if you could actually call it that) is that I have TOO MANY favourites! You are an absolute GENIUS GENIUS GENIUS... I had no idea I could ever look that good. I know I had some help from styling and lighting, but I couldn't be more pleased. You are the best and I will be singing your praises for ever..."

Ever grateful...

Paula Van Reese
Brisbane, Qld.

"I asked George to photograph my children along with my niece and nephew as I wanted to give their Grandmother a birthday present that she would always treasure. The children's ages range from 2 to 15 and it was comforting to watch a photographer who endeavoured to make a genuine connection with each child in order to put them all at ease with the job at hand. He had to take into account their extreme variations in height and personality, as well as my desire for the one image to capture the raw beauty and emotion of each individual child.

Working with children as we know however, is not always an easy undertaking and my two year old son reminded us of this all too well! I was impressed by George's unwavering commitment to ensuring that he would provide me with the image I wanted, despite my son's temperament at the time. His patience, creativity and determination is a true testament to his professionalism and passion for his craft, and as a result, I have in my possession, so many incredible pictures. I must also add, that George ultimately won the hearts of the children and needless to say, when my mother opened her gift, the tears of joy that streamed down her face was priceless.   

Thank you George...I would not hesitate to use your services again in the future!"

Donna Anastasiadis
Pascoe Vale, Vic

"We used George as our official photographer at the Australian Goldfields Open snooker event in July 2011 and we were really impressed by his work. The quality and range of his images was outstanding. He put a lot of work into the event and he was a great guy to work with..

Ivan Hirschowitz
Head of Press Office for World Snooker Association, UK

"The photos look like they have just been taken. You've done a marvellous job.... I have tears in my eyes. I can only imagine what my parents will be like....Waterworks!

George is an old school perfectionist. A quality sometimes hard to come by. His work is meticulous and professional, and I was more than satisfied with the restoration of my parents' wedding photos... He brought life back to the past.... 

Thank you so much!! Words cannot describe my appreciation."

Lee Ann Kirov
Brunswick, Vic

"George Spiteri is a special photographer. George captures those special moments in people's lives that last forever. George has a fantastic reputation as a sports photographer and been contracted by the World Snooker Association in
recent years to provide photographs of some of Snooker's World Ranking Events."

Michael Poda
Naturopath at Wellbeing Natural Health Group

"Thank you for the image files provided for the two Melbourne Climate Commission events.  Both we and the Climate Commission were extremely impressed with George's work - He has captured some wonderful moments and the commissioners appreciated his very relaxed approach."

Mark Fordham
MSF Events

"I met George only a week before my 40th birthday party at another 40th birthday party which he was photographing. Before that night I hadn't even thought about having a professional photographer for my 40th, but now I am SO glad that I made the decision to hire George to capture the moments of my special evening.

I am extremely impressed with every single picture that George has taken. The photos capture the fun, laughter and happy moments of my party. I especially love the moments that were captured when no one noticed! These natural shots, that we were unaware were being taken, are some of my favourites! The lighting and colour quality are perfect and make everyone look fabulous!

I was also impressed with George's relaxed, easy going and friendly approach, making it easier for everyone!

Apart from my own positive opinion and praise for George's work, I can also speak for many of my guests who have seen my photos and continue to comment on how great the photos look!

Thanks again George. I now have an album of special memories that will last forever.

I would definitely contact you again to capture more of my special moments in the future."

Frances Loprevite
Avondale Heights, Vic

"George's work for our recent CHAMPS Team Challenge was of a very high standard. He conducted himself in a
professional manner and made a point of understanding our business and getting to know members of out team. I would highly recommend using George!"

Antonella Beninato
Franchise Business Coach, Yum! Restaurants International

"I was recommended to GSP a week before my 40th birthday party that was held at The Point Albert Park. My first call to George was extremely professional and informative and I walked away with confidence.
The night came and went so quick. I am grateful I used George to help me relive my special event. I saw the photos a few days later and it left me truly speechless! All the pictures are so professional, genuine, natural and absolutely beautiful! He captured moments I had forgotten about! I have so many favourites! He was courteous with my guests and
was snapping when they least expected.
Every captured emotion of joy, excitement, nostalgia and happiness is overwhelming. They couldn't have turned out any better and that was exactly what I was looking for.

I have shared the photos with family and friends and not only have they been astonished with the pictures but each of them felt the emotions of that night. Each photograph is unique and intriguing. The depth of  photographs 'captured the event' and has impressed everyone who has seen them, and touched everyone who was there.

George your passion and drive for what you do shines through your work.

THANK YOU SO, SO MUCH! I can't thank you enough, no words will express my appreciation."

Jen Ruberto
Derrimut, Vic

"The feedback regarding the photos has been overwhelmingly positive. I am arranging the Christmas Party for next year and we would be very keen to have George attend again!"

Penni Blick
Smith & Nephew

"George Spiteri provided my husband and I with a professional photo shoot as we each launch our own new consultancies in 2015. Presenting a professional image is so important in these circumstances so it was important for us to make the right choice.

What makes George’s style unique is that he has a real eye for what looks good and is able to ensure the subject is relaxed. even while holding a somewhat awkward pose! The end result is that we’re both delighted with the range of images we have to choose from, the variety, the quality and the attention to detail that George provided.

If you are a professional wanting to create a personal brand that lifts your career or enhances your image then I would have no hesitation in recommending George.

Amanda Blesing
The Ambition revolution

"Thanks so much. We had a great night. George does an amazing job and is great fun - really good at getting people relaxed and getting the right shots."

Thanks again...

Trudie Bailie
IT Specialist at McKinsey & Company

"Wow where do I start! From the get-go, my experience with hiring George to photograph my 40th birthday party bash was second to none. George is a true professional yet down to earth and very easy to deal with. To be completely honest, he actually made my birthday party the most memorable and heartfelt celebration I have ever had.

I mentioned to George that I wanted some special photos taken of myself, my Mum and my daughter (3 generations) as my Mum was flying back to NZ the next morning. George took that onboard and not only did he produce some absolutely amazing photos of the party, he organised behind the scenes to have the 3 generations photo printed, framed and handed to my Mum 3 hours after the photos were actually taken while the party was still going!!

He also went to a huge effort and great lengths to custom make a wooden presentation box for the frame to travel in for the flight back to NZ for my Mum. It truly blew me away and is a testiment to the brilliant photographer that he is."

Keryn Van Shaik
Williamstown, Vic